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Pamela Spear

I found your introduction on the forum and I'm glad to see another HIV+ member here. There's still such a stigma attached to the virus that admitting you're HIV+ brings a feeling of instant...

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Added by Amy Stewart

Thu 17th Jan 2019 8:52am

Avery Taylor

I think it's very kind of you to say how you missed the old members. My father Endy has been pretty weak since the new year, so he's staying away from the computer for a...

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Added by Helen Gilholy

Mon 14th Jan 2019 11:36pm

Avery Taylor

Avery, thank you for reading my journal. People say we should learn to live with the fear. After all, it's the only way we have as we go through day by day. What you do...

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Added by Nick Persson

Sat 12th Jan 2019 1:42pm

Eric Rogers

That was such a touching journal entry you created about your wife at the start of this year. I'm sorry to hear your health is declining, but I'm glad you've found such deep abiding love...

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Added by Josh Reynolds

Thu 10th Jan 2019 4:39pm

Louis Coleman

It is probably weird to congratulate you on your journal entry, but I still want to tell you that you've done really well. It's ironic that we probably would never come this far without that...

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Added by Tia Myers

Mon 7th Jan 2019 10:05am

Sarah Nelson

My husband and I retired from the Navy. Out of all those years of service, nothing was as scary and challenging as being a caretaker for someone I love. I understand where you're...

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Added by Theresa Smith-Allen

Wed 16th Jan 2019 12:35pm

LaToya Copeland

I appreciate your thoughtful words of encouragement; you always seem to know when I'm stressed. Let's FaceTime this coming weekend if you have a moment. I'd love to hear about your new classes...

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Added by Lillian Wilson

Mon 14th Jan 2019 11:34am

Elizabeth Powell

Happy new year to you as well. I kept myself busy with decorating and cooking, but I got tired quickly. The young ones did most of the work while I did what I could from...

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Added by Amanda Conti

Sat 12th Jan 2019 9:06am

Lillian Wilson

It's time for us to start another semester. Give it everything you got, Lilly, because I believe in you. Good luck my friend! You got this!

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Added by LaToya Copeland

Wed 9th Jan 2019 8:29am

Amanda Conti

Spending the holidays with your relatives sounds lovely; I hope you had fun. It was rather quiet for me, but I liked it. It once again reminded me how celebrations didn't always have to be...

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Added by Elizabeth Powell

Sun 6th Jan 2019 11:43am

Tia Myers

It's weird indeed, but I appreciate your message either way. It still makes me happy that I'm probably starting to find out how to get through this phase in life. I still have many items...

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Added by Louis Coleman

Wed 16th Jan 2019 10:41am

Nick Persson

You're welcome. I like reading through this website; you never know what kind of inspiration you'll find. One day I may wake up feeling that what usually motivates me suddenly lose its meaning. Every day...

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Added by Avery Taylor

Sun 13th Jan 2019 1:06pm

Ryan Collins

I'm dealing with it better. I just finally realized that no illness could possibly deprive a person of all life's joys. It's okay to mourn what you've lost, but you can't dwell in...

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Added by Randall Green

Fri 11th Jan 2019 9:19pm

Andrew Chang

I see your forum post, so good luck finishing the triathlon! Mom and I sometimes pretend like we're on a special mission. Being unable to do a few things doesn't stop us from dreaming. If...

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Added by Maudie Sharyn

Tue 8th Jan 2019 10:20am

Josh Reynolds

Josh, I appreciate your friendliness in welcoming me. I hope to get to know everyone better here. Having a terminal illness can be lonely. It's nice to meet you.

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Added by Janet H.

Sat 5th Jan 2019 8:10am