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Message for Lillian Wilson

I can't wait! My auntie is coming to take care of my mom while I'm gone so I don't have to worry or hurry back. I'm looking forward to this vacation!
Added by LaToya Copeland
on Mon 11th Mar 2019 8:54am

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It's time for us to start another semester. Give it everything you got, Lilly, because I believe... Read the full message

Added by LaToya Copeland

Wed 9th Jan 2019 8:29am

I know your college isn't in the fire's path (yet), but the air quality can't be good for... Read the full message

Added by Eric Rogers

Sat 17th Nov 2018 8:02pm

Lilly, thank you so much for your message and nice to meet you too! I kind of envy... Read the full message

Added by Avery Taylor

Thu 20th Sep 2018 11:41am

Lillian, just read your Life Journal Entry regarding 'Digital Privacy & Social Media'. Just wanted to say Bravo... Read the full message

Added by David Levey

Tue 24th Jul 2018 7:58am

Miss Wilson, I hope it's okay to reach out. I've been pouring over profiles here and you seem... Read the full message

Added by Mishanda Lorenzo

Fri 29th Jun 2018 7:49pm

That really warms my heart; thank you for letting me know you enjoy them. I just try... Read the full message

Added by Cynthia Rummel

Tue 5th Jun 2018 5:00pm