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Dogs in Old Photos

Posted by Jess Maddox on Sat 6th Apr 2019 2:53am

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When I see old videos or pictures I notice the dogs. Did they get a proper burial when it was their time? Were they good boys and girls?

We dog-sat a cousin's German Shepherd mix when the kids were in elementary school. We rented a fenced-in bungalow then and let Lucky run around when he felt like it. One day, our oldest came inside and said, "Mom, you should see Lucky..." He was just lying down on his side by the fence, panting. His face looked happy, but he wouldn't stand up. I spooned some water on his tongue and he would lap it up.

When my husband came home, we lifted him into the back of the car and drove to the vet. On the way there, Lucky just seized up and it was over for him. The vet and staff couldn't figure it out. I felt a tinge weird around my cousin after that, like it was my fault I didn't follow Lucky around all day that day.