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My tumor will benefit cancer research

Posted by Julie Fernández on Sat 23rd Feb 2019 7:59pm

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I've finally had the tough conversation with my husband and kids about my decision to donate my tumor tissue to cancer research.  Some extended relatives have reached out about being uncomfortable with me being "put in the ground in bits and pieces instead of whole."  I've explained how I won't be in my body anymore so it isn't a big deal.  The medical findings about my tumor just might save someone else.  This is my chance to make a difference and to not let my cancer win!  Now we're all on the same page.  I've contacted the appropriate research hospital, met a doctor to discuss what a donation looks like and what happens to my tissue, we went over consent and filled out all the paperwork.  It's done!  My tumor will be set aside for research.  Cancer, you're going down!