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You should join a support group

Posted by Thomas Newton on Fri 8th Feb 2019 10:41am

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Find your "tribe" in a good support group for your specific disease, terminal illness in general, or something similar that you can relate to.  If you don't have a group in your area, see if there's a need in the community and create one yourself, or if you're not up to that, just try one of the support groups online that you feel at home with.  A support group will help shore up your emotions AND you'll hear and share little tidbits that will make life easier.  That's how you'll learn which doctor will listen to your concerns, which doctor rushes through the exams, which pharmacy offers the medicine you need for the lowest price, when a new medical trail is coming out that might be worth a try, how to navigate insurance claims, and much more.  There's no need to suffer in silence or go through these life changes alone.  These are your people!