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A new year brings new hope!

Posted by Randall Green on Fri 11th Jan 2019 1:56pm

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It's a brand new year and I've made it my mission to come to terms with my ALS diagnoses.  While forcing myself to face my disease, I've learned there are tons of lifestyle modifications that I can do to make things easier down the road.  Small changes can be made to my porch, kitchen, and bathroom which will enable me to stay here as long as possible.  I found modern, specialty clothing and shoes designed for people like me, which can help me stay independent as my condition deteriorates.  When my disease worsens (notice the ownership of "my disease") I'll be confined to a wheelchair. I won't pretend like that won't suck, but hey, the latest models are fast and can go most anywhere.  Technology will play a big part in my quality of life and that's great because I'm already familiar with tech.   I've created my living will so that even at the end of my disease I'll still have some control.  Now I no longer feel that ALS is something that is happening to me.  I no longer feel so powerless. Now I have hope for tomorrow.  It's going to be a great year!