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Maria Caldwell

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Family&Friends gathering

I just got this idea so I wanted to see what others think about it. The idea is having a small gathering with family and friends of an ill loved one, of course after discussing it with them. I was just wondering if it would maybe be too hard of a situation, or it would create a beautiful memory for the days to come.

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Ruth Barlow

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I've heard about them, but have never been to one in person.  I've heard them called a living funeral by some people and a celebration of life by others.  They sound like a great idea to me!  Even though it's not meant to be somber, I'm sure some folks would find it difficult to attend.  If your aunt is up to though, I say have the event and whoever doesn't want to attend doesn't have to.  Maybe you could put some feelers to get feedback on how her friends and family feel about it. 

Do you  think it would be easier if you take the spotlight off your aunt?  You could call the get together a reunion or something like that.  Your aunt would still be able to talk to and hug her nearest and dearest without having to be the center of attention.  Sometimes being the honoree takes a lot of energy and she might not have much not spare.  Something less formal might help guests to feel at ease too.  

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Katie Phillips

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I really like Ruth's idea! It might be awkward for both your aunt and the guests if the center of attention is on her. She might feel like she has to entertain everyone, which can be really exhausting. If you call it a reunion or something else, it would still allow everyone to get together without it being as awkward. It would give everyone a chance to get together and create a wonderful memory. 

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Maria Caldwell

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Thank you for your replies! Thank you for the idea too, Ruth. Both my aunt and I prefer it to the original one and that's how we will go about it. It's easier for everyone, while we still achieve what we're trying to.