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Katie Phillips

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Struggling with Being Different

Sometimes when I'm on campus, I hear people talking about me after I pass them. A few have even made comments to my face about how sickly I look. It is difficult for me to maintain a healthy weight due to the CF. I've always had insensitive people make comments to me occasionally, and I've kind of gotten used to it, but I was hoping it would be different now that I'm in college. Sometimes being so different still gets to me. 

How do you all cope when people make comments to you about your illness? I wish I didn't care at all about what others think. Sometimes I hate feeling so different. 

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Helena P.

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I'm so sorry for you, this must be awfully discouraging. But please keep in mind this: it's not about your illness or your "being different", and not even about you. People make stupid comments for the sake of talking, and criticising women's body is probably one of the easiest topics to get when they cannot find anything remotely interesting to say. That woman is too fat, she surely has an unhealthy lifestyle. The other one is too thin, I bet she's anorexic. Look at that, she is too tall, how dare she wear those heels. I heard this last one oh so many times... I barely wear any heels now, but it's to protect my poor joints, surely not to please "the audience"!
Unfortunately, I have no magic trick to help you deal with those airheads. Maybe an ipod and some good music? 

PS: ok, men do have their share of body-shaming, but quite little in comparison.

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Maria Caldwell

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Unfortunately, that's how people sometimes are. Immature and lacking manners, or at least not very thoughtful in a certain moment. You may be feeling vulnerable now because you're going through more than just those comments, but remember it's not personal and people who think like that will find something to comment on in anyone, because everyone has that something that people notice, and they will latch on that thing.

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Amanda Conti

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Some people are incapable of filtering their words regardless of the situation. Let's look at the positive side: for you to still care means that you are much more alive than what they (and maybe you) think! I think it's okay to feel hurt and vent to your trusted friends or family. That's the proof that we are living.