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Heather Miller

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Final Wishes

As the time gets closer, my husband and I have been going over my final wishes so that he has a really good, clear understanding of what I do and do not want at the end. He assures me he will follow my wishes, and I believe that even though it will be incredibly difficult for him, that he will do it. 

I've decided I don't want to be on life support if it's needed. I don't want to be kept alive by artificial means. I don't want my husband's and kids' last memories of me to be hooked up in a hospital bed. I want them to have the best possible last memories of me as they can. 

I am sure you all have thought about your final wishes, too. It's such a hard thing to think about and talk about with our loved ones, but I think it's important so that our loved ones can do what we'd like if we become unable to make our own decisions. 

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Randall Green

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I can imagine that was a tough conversation to have with your spouse.  Good on you for doing it!  Have you thought about creating a legal document such as a living will, advanced medical directive, or do not resuscitate order?  It would make your wishes perfectly clear to your entire family and to the doctors and hospitals that you visit  going forward.  None of them should require a lawyer.  You just fill it out and get it notarized then share it with the nearby hospitals and doctors you visit. 

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Janet H.

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Heather, I'm glad you made your medical wishes known.  It isn't pleasant to think about, but you were brave.  It is hard to know when to consent to life support for a loved one.  Even harder when the person doesn't get better and the doctor recommends the family discontinue life support.  It is usually up to the family to decide.  Either choice can bring years of guilt.  You handled things well!  You are one tough cookie!

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Bob Stanford

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Heather, that had to be a very difficult conversation to have! It's one I'm really dreading having with my wife. Good for you for making your wishes known. It will help your family know what to do when that time comes.

I have a lot to think about in this regard. I know that I will lose the ability to talk, eat, and even breathe in the end. The future really scares me, and I need to think about and decide where to draw the line. 

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Katie Phillips

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I've had cystic fibrosis my whole life, and my parents and I have talked about this issue. I don't like thinking about it, but I suppose nobody does. I am young, and while I know that this disease will take my life someday, I guess it seems surreal to me still. My parents and I should probably have another discussion about this sometime soon because it's been a while, and my views have changed. Thank you for bringing up this topic, Heather.