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Andrew Chang

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Location: San Francisco
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How are you feeling today?

I bet most of us get asked several times a day how we feel.  I also bet that we rarely answer the question truthfully.  However, since we're among "our own" here surely we can be candid in our responses.   So, how are you feeling today? 

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Avery Taylor

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I'm having a cold. My body wants to lie down all day, but that's just too boring.

There are days when it's not a big deal to answer those questions, but sometimes I'm just too tired to answer. The ones close to me can tell what I actually feel just from my gestures, so they don't often ask such an open question anymore.

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Janet H.

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Having a cold is the pits.  It hangs around for ages and makes everything feel uncomfortable.  I hope you get over your cold soon, Avery.  

I tell the truth when someone asks how I am.  My brain doesn't work well enough to tell white lies.  I will just forget what I said, so it's easier to be honest.  Sometimes I make big social gaffs because of that.  Anyway, I feel okay.  I got two HeartPrints done for my children today.  I am proud of that accomplishment.  Not bad for an old bat who is losing her mind (I joke about my disease.  Humor helps me deal with it.  Might be another social gaffe though). 

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Katie Phillips

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I'm just getting over a lung infection, so I'm feeling pretty decent physically. However, my parents are driving me a little nuts with their overprotectedness. I know they mean well, but I just want to live my life as much as I can. I love them to pieces. I just wish they'd trust my judgment now that I'm an adult. I've lived with this disease my whole life and can make decisions for myself now. 

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Randall Green

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I've been doing pretty good lately.  I've stuck to my 2019 resolutions so far and I have accomplished a few goals.  Generally, I think going through the process of creating videos for the important people in my life has helped me feel better.  It's been really nice to reminisce about the good times - and there have been many!  I've enjoyed reflecting on these memories.