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Randall Green

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New Years Resolutions/Goals for 2019

Have you created any New Year's resolutions or set some specific goals that you want to accomplish in 2019?  If so, I hope you'll share them here.  Maybe we can all help motivate one another to stay on track. 

New Year's Resolutions
1.  Stop dwelling about my disease.
ALS is a progressive disease and I'm scared of how it is going to end.  While I recognize that it's normal to worry some, I'm no longer allowing my fear to take control and keep me from savoring the last year or so that I'll be able to walk.
2.  Spend less time on social media and more time with the people I care about.  
I will allow myself a certain amount of time to get on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and won't go beyond that.

Goals 2019
1.  Find a counselor with experience in helping clients with a terminal illness.
2.  Make a living will.  
3.  Finish my art project.





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Janet H.

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I don't make resolutions, but I find it's useful to set goals.  I have started a gratitude journal.  One of my goals is to fill it out each morning.  A bigger goal is to continue drawing close to Jehovah through prayer, study, and actions.  

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Andrew Chang

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I'm hoping for a solid finish to the triathlon that I've been training for.  Okay, so that's a big lie.  My resolution is to stick with my physical therapy exercises even though I don't like doing them. I like to spice it up by pretending I'm training for a big race. My daughter gets into it at least.  I'm also cutting back on sugary sweets.

My only goal right now is to take Angela to the father-daughter camp at her preschool in March.  I try not to look too far ahead since I don't know what tomorrow might bring regarding my health.  

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Avery Taylor

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It's great that everyone seems to have a clear idea for their resolutions. I want to travel abroad, but I don't have a specific place to see. I want to learn new languages, but I'm not sure how I should start.

Sometimes it feels bad not to have any new year resolution, but it really isn't easy to come up with one.

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Heather Miller

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Everyone has wonderful New Year's resolutions and goals. I love hearing everyone's goals for 2019. It's very inspiring.


I set myself a couple of goals for this year, too.

1. I want to stop worrying about my illness so much and focus more on enjoying the time I have left with family and friends.

2. I want to go on a nice family vacation this Spring or Summer. I want to make as many great memories as I can with my family this year.